Petition for President Donald Trump to Meet with Minister Louis Farrakhan about the Best Solutions to America’s problems with Racism and other forms of injustice.

– Something no previous POTUS had the courage to do!

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Petition2017.com is for all people of all nations, races, creeds, colors and religions. We believe in Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Equality. All are welcomed to stand with us and sign the petition. We will work hard, night and day to get our voices heard so a meeting between the world’s two most powerful men can take place on our behalf to begin to make the United States of America great.

This blog is for supporters of the petition. Everyone is welcome to comment and help. Give ideas and opinions, say hi, and show support.

If you do not want President Donald Trump to meet with Louis Farrakhan to talk about solutions for making America great, this place is not for you. No profanity is allowed in the comments. Freedom of speech exists here, but you MUST be respectful and polite to others at all times.

I am the Webmaster of this blog and the Petition2017.com website. My position is technical support and to keep these sites up and running and keep the people connected. I support the meeting 100%.  I have an opinion regarding my personal feelings, knowledge and beliefs, and I would like to share them from time to time.

The official person to direct questions to is Brother Kam, and/or the people that he may delegate and select. He is a long time member of the Nation of Islam and is the best to answer questions regarding the details and policy and procedure of that organization.

Any questions directed to The President of the United States and/or The White House should be directed to them. Here.

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